South Florida International Fashion Week (SFIFW) is part of the capital campaign for the Fashion for a Cause Foundation (FFACF), a 501c3 non-profit organization.

The Fashion for a Cause Foundation (FFACF) was founded in Las Vegas, NV in 2012 by fashion photographer and philanthropist, Andres Gonzalez, with the original idea of using fashion as a vehicle to raise funds and awareness for other charity organizations. The events showcased emerging talents and were well received by the local media and community thereby increasing the number of artists who continuously supported the cause.

In early 2017, FFACF moved its operations to Florida where corporate leader and consultant, Carlos Junquera, joined the foundation to lead the development of community outreach programs.

Since its inception, FFACF has worked with the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Blind Children’s Foundation, Spring Preserve and Designers and Creative Teams Against Domestic Violence to name a few.

The foundation continues to use the platform of fashion to raise awareness and funds for local charities and has expanded its mission to support emerging designers and artists nurture their talents by facilitating apprenticeship programs with established designers and artists within our local community.

With the launch of SFIFW, FFACF’s capital campaign, FFACF’s goal is to broaden its reach into the community where they can:

  • continue to facilitate fashion and art apprenticeship programs;
  • continue to support at risk youth through self-esteem and empowerment programs;
  • offer workshops to teach at-risk men and women with barriers to employment an industry related trade to achieve economic independence; and
  • offer work space for emerging designers and artists in general.

By providing resources to local designers and supporting them in building their brand and business, they later have the opportunity to employ others including those who learned a trade through the FFACF community programs. FFACF’s vision is to empower individuals by creating a sustainable platform that invests in and boosts the local economy while rebuilding the fashion industry in South Florida.

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