Custo Dalmau spent his childhood and adolescence together with his brother David Dalmau in Barcelona, where Custo later studied Architecture. After a round-the-world motorcycle trip through the U.S. the brothers, came back impressed by the California lifestyle, especially the colorful and innovative T-shirts that didn’t exist in Spain at that time. So the brothers created their fashion empire “Custo Barcelona” in 1981 and started to create their famous T-shirts. The decision to sell their collections on the American market, which at the time was open to new ideas, produced excellent results and marked the first stage of a highly successful career. Their T-shirts soon attracted the attention of stylists and television and film directors, who chose them for some of the leading actors and actresses of the day. They were also captivated by the colourful Custo style, resulting in a phenomenon that the North American media termed Customania.News of the revolution caused by these young designers soon came to the attention of the organizers of the New York Fashion Week, who invited them to present their collections for the first time during the Spring-Summer 1997 season.

Their first fashion show caused a major impact on an audience accustomed to the minimalist greys and blacks that were the order of the day. The intense colour schemes of their garments, the careful combination of fabrics and their bold designs attracted the attention of the North American journalists, who featured their collections on the pages of the major fashion magazines. This constant presence in the press and on television boosted the firm’s sales in the USA, and led to a growing interest in the brand on the European and Asian markets, where the designers once again enjoyed considerable success.


Just a few weeks ago, Colombian-born Jhoan Sebastian Grey became the winner of Project Runway Season 17, featuring a new host (Karlie Kloss), judges (Brandon Maxwell, as well as the return of Nina Garcia), and TV network (Bravo). Grey grew up working in his family’s leather business, developing a strong skill set and attention to detail in order to cater to customers’ needs and keep up with the trends. After attending The Academy of Professional Drawing in Colombia with a major in Fashion Design, he received a scholarship to Instituto Marangoni in Miami, Florida, where he continued to develop his voice as a designer. Throughout the 2000s, Grey’s work started to get recognized, as it was featured on Colombia’s National News Channel, RCN, and in numerous university textbooks throughout Europe. In 2018, he commenced one of his most ambitious yet relevant collections to date under the “SEBASTIAN” brand, “The Immaculate Virgins of Reality,” inspired by strong women within eastern culture. The process allowed him to further his vision that ultimately served as the key to winning Project Runway in 2019: to produce innovative pieces with expert craftsmanship, unconventional yet refreshing construction tactics, and an astute eye for detail. On September, 2018, Jhoan Sebastian showcased a collection for the first time in USA at the 3rd edition of the South Florida International Fashion Week.
Coming off of his win, Grey is on a career high and he will be showcasing his collection in NYFW this upcoming season for the first time sponsored by Fashion for a Cause Foundation.
Do not miss the opportunity to meet him at the SFIFW 2020 Kick off party in March 4th and to see his collection during the week of runway events.

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