Nuvia Quintana is a Venezuelan fashion designer with over 25 years of experience creating couture designs across Latin America. In 2016, Nuvia expanded into the US market under the brand Nuvia Q with the opening of her atelier on Miracle Mile in the heart of Coral Gables, FL.

“I am excited to bring my passion to a city enriched by cultural diversity that doesn’t follow but instead sets trends in the fashion industry”, said Nuvia when interviewed for the Biltmore Magazine.

Nuvia Q is a luxury brand created to represent the modern, sophisticated woman with its elegant, innovative and bold designs in which she proudly injects the intense colors and delicate laces typical of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Under the US brand, Nuvia Q, the Venezuelan designer designs and produces exclusive pret-a-porter (ready-to-wear) and custom bridal dresses, gowns, cocktail dresses. With her expansion into the US market, Nuvia also launched accessories, shoes and fine jewelry.

Nuvia Q’s products are handcrafted and incorporate the latest trends with the highest quality.

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Karina Gomez-Herrera has over 25 years of extensive experience in technical construction and creative apparel design. Her skills in pattern making, tailoring and production has afforded her the opportunity to also share her creativity and knowledge not just through her fashion designs but also through teaching. Karina has taught in various renowned institutions including Villasmil de Leon Institute (Caracas, Venezuela) and Miami International University of Art (Miami-Florida, USA); she is currently a resident professor in the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute (Broward-Florida, USA).

Karina began her education and career in Venezuela where she received her Associates degree in Pattern Making and Grading for massive production and tailoring. She then went on to achieve her Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from the Villasmil de Leon Institute. To validate her education, Karina received a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design from the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute. In 2017, Karina earned a Master’s degree in Design and Media Management from Miami International University of Art and Design.

In addition to teaching, Karina is the owner and head designer of Karnna Fashion Lab and is an advocate for domestic violence victims through her non-profit organization, Designers and Creative Teams Against Domestic Violence.

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Ema Savahl. The name conjures visions of exquisite femininity, originality, confidence, independence and power combined with vulnerability. From provocative, sensual and seductive, to demure, pensive and a bit shy, Ema Savahl creations capture the essence of the women who wear them. Creator/designer Ema Koja considers every woman to be an individual work of art, who deserves to be framed in an equally original work of art. With her unbridled imagination, exquisite taste, keen eye for color combinations and attention to detail, Ema has developed a sparkling reputation among fashionistas and celebrities worldwide. Once you see an original Ema Savahl, you recognize it immediately, because it is truly unique.

Ema Koja, the creator and designer of Ema Savahl, was born in the ancient city of Tirana, Albania.

One might think that growing up under one of the most repressive communist regimes the world has ever known may not be conducive to sparking a career as one of the world’s most fascinating couturiers. Ema herself notes that fashion in her home country was, “flat, non-existent; you were expected to be part of the group, to embrace the herd mentality.” But she was blessed to have a strong relationship with aunts who were seamstresses, who passed on to her their skill as well as an inherent sense of style. Her father, who was a national legend as a volleyball coach, recognized Ema’s own remarkable athletic ability and instilled in Ema a relentless work ethic, uncompromising discipline and fierce independence.

The collapse of communism in her native Albania precipitated a family move across the Adriatic Sea to Italy, where Ema embarked on a career as a professional volleyball player. Ema’s athletically proportioned frame caught the eye of fashion industry insiders and she soon found herself in demand as a fit model for such brands as Blue Marine, PARAH and Off Limit. A shoulder injury ended Ema’s athletic career, but offered her the opportunity to plunge head-first into the fashion industry. She tackled the process with the same fierce tenacity that served her as a professional athlete. She studied pattern making, fabrics, raw materials and artistic design. She embraced change and adversity, treating both as stepping stones and blessings in disguise. She took a year to travel the world, to feed her soul with art, culture and beauty, ending up in the vibrant, multi-cultural melting pot of Miami, Florida – a city where delicate fabrics, exotic colors and fervent artistry were embraced and celebrated. Ema knew she was home.

Ema Savahl Designs opened for business in 1996 and has been making women look and feel beautifully unique ever since. And since each and every dress is individually hand molded or hand painted, no two are exactly alike. Celebrities including Katy Perry and Roselyn Sanchez have graced the red carpet in Ema Savahl.

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Designer Eliya Cioccolato was born is Russia Her roots are Russian, Italian and Asian .

Eliya has worked in the position of fashion-director of popular Italian brands like C&C Milano. Eliya’s designs have graced the runways of New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, Miami Swim Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Russian Fashion Week, and South Florida International Fashion Week. Inspired by the tropical and sensual nature of South Florida, Eliya has launched three distinct fashion lines of ready-to-wear, Cioccolato Gowns, and Cioccolato Cruise Collection.

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Cuban-American Yas González, studied fashion design at Miami University of Art and Design and was the fashion expert on Univision’s flagship show, Sabado Gigante, and later opened the doors of her boutique/atelier in Coral Gables. In addition, to being a talented fashion designer, Yas has other talents including broadcasting, journalism and communications. Yas defines herself as a woman who is very well focused on her purpose in this world of men.

Her designs have been seen in music videos, live performances, and multiple red carpets by artists such as Ricky Martin, Lucy Grau, Leslie Cartaya, Jennifer Lopez, Alejandro Sanz, J-Balvin, Farruko, Erika Ender, Elain, Jon Secada, Mickael Carreira, Daddy Yankee, Maria Conchita Alonso, Pitbull, Gente de Zona, and Motiff among others.

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Heglichs W. Perez, the artist known as Floyd, was born in Camagüey, Cuba and moved to the United States in 1999 after winning the visa lottery. With that opportunity the doors to freedom, prosperity and a world of realization for all his dreams were opened.

He studied theater in Miami for 5 years. And that theater experience has been intertwined with his artistic talent and made him a pioneer of the Motion Art, an expression that combines painting with music in live shows full of action, energy, pure joy and inspiration, where blank canvases come alive to the beat of the music that accompanies Floyd while painting, facing the audience thrilled to witness a creative process unique in its style.

His paintings are definitely influenced by the great Pop Artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein and Pollock’s abstract expressionism.

Floyd, The Rock Artist, a name his wife Rosy coined, is constantly evolving and experimenting on how to express the rhythm of different types of music. It’s a mixture of age and life experiences but, mostly people who set the tone, dynamic and revolutionary irreverent that makes Floyd, with his trademark red beard and hat, a unique artist. His paintings like everything else have evolved and are now wearable art through his design of hand painted women’s dresses and most recently a line of men’s sports coats which he unveiled during South Florida International Fashion Week.

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Through passion for music and art, a unique fashion esthetic called Skirtzophrenic was born. Skirtzophrenic is where chaos and fashion collide.

Each garment is unique and made from recycled premium jeans and materials. They are deconstructed and then reconstructed by hand, transforming into a wearable piece of art.

“My love for music art and fashion come alive in these one of a kind denim creations. I am a visual creator and do most of my deconstructing and reconstructing by hand. Any artwork or images used are in their original form and NOT COPIED or reproduced. When my heart smiles this wearable art is complete.” says Phoenix when asked about her art.

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Lenis Barrera, a single mother of two, started her career as a swimsuit designer in her home country of Venezuela. The political unrest in her country drove her to migrate to the United States. Awed by the great potential the US has to offer her, Lenis worked hard to launch her swimwear line. “A perfect fit and the unlimited amount of quality fabrics and unique prints, it’s an obsession” said Lenis when asked what fuels her passion. Lenis prides herself in flattering the female figure regardless of size through her expertise in proportions. From young and fresh bikinis to the most stylish one piece swimsuits, Lenis Barrera is paving her own way in the competitive world of swimwear fashion in South of Florida.

By mixing the exotic flavor of Latin America and the taste of the American woman, Lenis reached her goal to develop a great line of swimsuits that fit an international woman who is sophisticated yet bold enough to grab everyone’s attention and hold onto it. Her swimsuits are not intended to blend in but rather make the women who wear them feel confident and comfortable.

Whether you’re enjoying a simple Sunday afternoon in South Beach or staying in an amazing resort in any paradise location around the world, Lenis Barrera Designs is ready for all destinations.

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Why write a bio when you can describe yourself in your own words, when asked about his work, Paul Michael says “I have a passion for swimwear.  This line of swimwear is the result of many years of product development.  Though I am a swimwear designer, when asked what I do for a living, the first thing I say is tailor.” “To say the least, how a garment fits is of utmost importance to a tailor. As a designer, I have the same goal.”

Needless to say Michael has achieved that goal, he has a discerning clientele that follow him specifically for his attention to detail and perfect fit. His men’s swimwear line reflects just that, he designs and produces beautiful flattering pieces of high quality fabrics sized S to XXL.

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The constant search for motivation is what LaBellaMafia is all about.

During the creation of their clothing, their designers are oriented to create designs that will motivate, inspire and amaze.

La Bella Mafia is more than a brand; it’s a lifestyle. They combine health, well-being and style to keep their fitness clientele inspired.

“We all live busy lives, but that does not keep us from finding time to train and to take care of our health, always striving to reach the best versions of ourselves in everything we do. That mindset inspired me to reach my goals, and here I am, inspiring other to reach theirs.” said Alice Matos about the driving force behind LaBellaMafia.

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Dressing up and Bespoke are back in vogue – the modern ladies and gentlemen of today desire clothes and products that provide them exclusivity, reflecting their individuality and dress style.

The Bespoke Club is a unique concept designed for the discerning who are passionate about the design and creative processes that go into the making of fine Bespoke Suits & Shirts – club patrons are their own fashion designers and choose from the finest fabrics, latest trends & fine details.

The Bespoke Club experience is a curated journey for those who desire perfect quality and service – the boutique is a combination of heritage, traditional tailoring & latest technology creating personal experiences.

Shopping in comfort and luxury with all the trappings of a Savile Row Boutique are the hallmarks of The Bespoke Club.

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THE BRIDAL PROJECT featuring Anna Campbell
Australian Designer Anna Campbell is known the world over for her custom wedding dresses and gowns inspired by vintage romance for bohemian bridal beauty.

Every dress is painstakingly hand crafted in Melbourne using the finest fabrics, with beautiful embellishments that follow softly feminine lines and adapt to each individual body figure.

If you are a vintage-inspired bride, and you´re searching for a dress with a romantic and sensual touch, these vintage bridal gowns will leave you speechless. The Bridal Project is the exclusive boutique to offer Anna Campbell´s unique wedding dress collection in Florida.

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ZENITH ART & FASHION featuring Carla Cid de Diego

Founded in 2016 by two young artists and designers, with a history of merging the arts, Zenith Art & Fashion was born from a desire to help create a more inclusive Contemporary Art & Fashion world, making the best works from international countries and cultures accessible to all.

Zenith Art & Fashion offers a unique collection of stunning artwork, ranging from Painting & Sculpture to Photography & handmade Fashion that includes Jewelry, Accessories and exceptional Wearable Art collections, so that you don’t ever have to leave your home without your favorite piece.

Zenith Art & Fashion exhibited a collective of the wearable art collections from artists they represent including Carla Cid de Diego, Rey Rey, Maria Camila Rodriguez, Alejandra Kohan and Patricia Falcone.

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Sharon Ospino, a fashion designer form Venezuela, and her husband, Abel, have teamed up as lovers and business associates to be able to not only create high-fashion and change the face of Miami with couture but bring integrity to fashion by giving back a portion of proceeds to children in need.

The details of making a handmade haute couture dress is one of what one would consider an art form and this is why Sharon Ospino is considered an artist. Located in the city of Miami, Sharon OSP brings fabrics from all over the world to offer her art of hand embroidered fashion couture to her discerning clientele.

Each piece individually goes through its own process of being made and is custom designed to each individual’s body for a perfect fit. From the design and inspiration of the dresses to each one of the patterns made, with the most exquisite fabrics cut to size and then sewn together piece by piece, the couture details are evident in the final garment when the hand embroidered “Applique” is added to top off this artist’s work.

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